Car Buying Stress

We are buying a new car. Thank God, I don’t do this very often. The process of buying the car isn’t the stressful part. I mean, I don’t like paying money. That part sucks. I like my money where it is, in the bank.

The stress is coming from dealing with people. I have to talk to people. I have to call and have things arranged. Why can’t I do this via email? Why didn’t you say there was a $500 deposit requirement to hold a car on the lot? I would have just given you a check when we test drove the damned thing.


I’m really just trying to cut down the amount of time Ross and I are making bad jokes to each other while sitting in the car dealership. The less time I’m there, the less likely I am to be annoyed, hangry, and bitchy. Nobody wants that. Especially not the car salesman. Let’s be honest.

Plus, Friday is an extra day off and I have shit to do. None of it involves sitting for six hours at a dealership when that shit could have been cleared up in 10 minutes.

There are no morning showing for Ragnarok on Friday, which is stupid. I have been waiting months to see this stupid movie and this was the only day I had available. Because there are no morning showings, I’m going to have to do the car thing first thing in the morning and hope we get out of there at a reasonable hour. JFC. My Friday is already sucking and I haven’t gotten there yet.

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